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Creativity Guide, Writing Assistant, & Editor

This is a memoir/ autobiography about the life of Marquis Williams and his experiences being raised in foster care. Marquis is now working through charities and the justice system to create lifelong change for children who grew up in similar circumstances. Beating the System is available on Amazon. 


Creativity Guide, Writing Assistant, & Editor

Newly released, The Angry Psychic Empath is a self-help for empaths and sensitive people who struggle with the ways of a harsh, insensitive world. Written with direct and brutally honest prose, Kemp Warner provides a unique perspective for the spiritually inclined.


Authored  Philosophy Article

From the website, Think Eat Train, this is an article I penned titled Why Facts Don't Matter to People

Ring of Light Bulbs

Creativity Guide, Writing Assistant, & Editor

This is a memoir about Kathy Coulter's publicized case involving a $32k wedding ring and a narcissistic boyfriend. Kathy wanted to share her story in order to help other victims of domestic abuse. $32K Ring Circus is available on Amazon. 


Creativity Guide, Writing Assistant, & Editor

This unique books functions as both an autobiography and a self-help guide. Jeanette Jones is the life coach and founder of Living Victoriously. She focuses on helping women come into their own. This book showcases her journeying both in reality, as well as through magical realism. Step-By-Step Walk with God: The Everlasting Anchor is available at Barnes & Nobles and


Marci, AZ

"My experience working with Fuchsia as a ghostwriter was exceptional. Her professionalism, exceptional writing skills, and creative approach truly set her apart. I would highly recommend Fuchsia to anyone seeking a talented ghostwriter who can bring their ideas to life with finesse and flair."

Jeanette, SC

"Much appreciation to Fuchsia Sofia, Creativity Guide, Writing Assistant, and Editor for assisting me with bringing creative life to my book. Working with her was such a great experience."

Valerie, MS

"Fuchsia stepped me through everything that was necessary to ghostwrite my story. She was patient, kind, and incredibly insightful. She made connections that I myself couldn't see. Having her ghostwrite my story has helped me not only heal from the past, but feel confident and proud of who I am and what I stand for. She is a lovely person with creative talent and psychological insight."

Mike, FL

"Fuchsia was able to match my point-blank and gritty writing style with ease. She's had a lot of life experience, as have I, and we were able to align so that she could ghostwrite in a way that basically channeled my voice. She's a great storyteller and has incredible vision; she's superb at pulling out ideas from idea-less clients!"

Touré, GA

"Fuchsia met all of my expectations, and held space as I overcame personal fears about sharing my writing. Her communication was clear and feedback relevant to the scope of the project. I would recommend her due to her expansive outlook."

Upwork Reviews

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