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I've been ghostwriting for eight years. During that time I have written over forty books and thousands of articles, blogs, meditations, sleep stories, guided imageries, poems, academic papers, introductions to translated works, and more. I like to align as closely as possible with my client's vision so that I can essentially channel their voice in order to be the best "ghost" I can.

Piles of Books

A lot of people wonder, "Why would anyone want to write a book for someone else, and never receive credit for it?" First, for me personally, I thought it would be an amazing way to gain experience, because I am and have been working on over a dozen of my own books for a few years. After writing and editing professionally for nearly a decade, I feel much more confident about penning my own works. It's also helped me understand how to write my own ideas and philosophies in the most penetrating and moving way possible.

Second, many people have phenomenal ideas for a book, but they have no idea how to write a book, or how to put their concepts down in a way that is comprehensive. We live in a time now where social media and the internet allows for the freedom to share our every thought, which I think has stoked the flames for many people who never considered writing a book before. We all have a voice now, and just because someone never thrived in high school English or 101, it doesn't mean they don't deserve to have their ideas presented in the most articulate and experienced way possible.

Third, ghostwriting allows for constant learning. I love writing books for other people because through their notes, research, and fitting concepts together––I get to learn new things all day every day. It's a lot of fun, and as a natural philomath, I just can't complain. 

What's also essential to understand is that it is the job of the ghostwriter to align with, channel, and mirror the client. In that sense, the ghost rarely slides into his or her own thoughts, feelings, beliefs, philosophies, or ideas (unless it just happens to align with their own, a mere coincidence)––because it has nothing to do with them. To me, being a ghost kind of feels like method acting or performance art. I get to step inside the shoes of my client and become a thespian on the stage of their life. Thus, my integrity is always for the client's feelings, thoughts, ideas, and ultimate vision. 

As a service-oriented person, ghostwriting has allowed me to deepen my compassion and empathy for others in ways I never would have reached if not for this craft. For that, I will always be grateful. With me, you will always be in conscientious, benevolent hands.

I have written in nearly every traditional genre including: memoir, autobiography, self-help and wellness, romance, action, fantasy, science fiction, horror, mystery and thriller, spirituality, philosophy, religion, and New Age. An emerging trend seems to be the fusion of autobiography/memoir with self-help, of which I have ghostwritten many. I am also proficient in magical realism. I enjoy blending genres. I can utilize any type of writing style you wish, anything other than purple prose, excessive blue prose, or internet slang.  

I am also available as a Writing Assistant and Creativity Guide.

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