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Wind-Water Cleansing

This Interactive experience involves a Google doc to help you organize your life through the power of Feng-shui (which means "wind-water.") In this process, I step you through the four elements of your life using the power of chi (the "life force") energy. This is active work, which asks you to first begin by clearing your physical space (earth). The following three steps include clearing mind (air), relationships and emotions (water), and uncovering your deepest passions, dreams, and life purpose (fire). 


Feng Shui is a Taoist system which says that the life force energy brings harmony when it is free to flow. The Tao means "the way," which came about from Lao Tzu's teachings in the Tao Te Ching. In it, he writes about the importance of simplicity, patience, and compassion for all living beings. Chi is often symbolized by the flow of a river. When the water arrives at a log or a boulder in the river, it will first brush into it, but it always makes its way around it. As humans, we often dam chi from our lives without even realizing it. 

Taoism is famous for the yin-yang as well, the split circle with two smaller circles in each half, corresponding to the color opposite it. In order for balance and harmony to exist, it is vital to integrate the polarities and dichotomies of existence. We dam the flow of chi when we refuse to implement wholeness in ourselves and our lives. The energy of the universe is going to flow, regardless of how hard we may try to stop it or allow entropy and chaos to rule. It is through conscious awareness and alignment with chi that we bring order and ease into our lives. 

I first discovered Feng Shui twenty years ago through a class on Eastern Philosophy, as well as a class on Holistic Living in college. Since then, my living space is always arranged and decorated to allow the life force energy to flow freely. I also found that I had way too many things that I was holding onto, and that after getting rid of them––it actually cleared and opened up spaces inside of me too! 

That's just the beginning of the Wind-Water Cleansing Interactive service I offer. What nearly twenty years of integrating Feng Shui in my life has taught me, is that every facet of ourselves can benefit from consistent clearing out, rearranging, and making room for the new. 

As you begin to change your physical space, we'll step into the wind-water cleansing of the mind. Here I teach you about the most basic and simple steps towards mindfulness and share straightforward relaxation and meditation techniques. Clearing the air (wind) element is vital for getting to the next layer inside of you: your emotions, feelings, and their state in your relationships (water). This is the most intense part of the service, which requires dedication and inner work, but as you continue clearing the space in your home, you will simultaneously find inner blocks begin to move and dissolve, allowing you to process things in ways you never have before. It really is like magic.


The final step (and most fun!) reconnects you to your passions and dreams. This means that as you clear the space of earth, wind, and water in your life, you will be opening up a super-channel of consciousness from your future to your past with the light of the element of fire. You see, Taoism is about living in the moment and being present, and we live in an extremely future-focused society––which wishes to ignore the pain of the past and skip being where we are right here and now––to get to where we think "we're supposed to be." This causes dams to the past and the present (and ultimately, a clear future).


The more clutter you have in your living space––the more you've manifested fences and barricades to your subconscious, emotions, and clear, productive thinking. So, let's clear your space, clear your inner faculties, and reconnect you to the present moment so that you can live in joy and harmony, reclaiming your rightful place in the world! 

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future.
If you are at peace you are living in the present.”
―Lao Tzu



*See The Interactive Process page for more information about how it works. 

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