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The Interactive Process


Utilizing a shared Google doc, and asking you to write through your healing process, encourages a healthy approach to personal development. This is because you will need to sit down for at least one hour a week to fill out the prompts, reflect, and review my responses. In a frenzied world where we constantly attempt to better ourselves––but are consistently distracted, busy with everything, and just don't know how––this requires that you make the time. The time is guided, so you won't be alone and you won't have to try to figure things out by yourself. This is about dedicating yourself to the process. It also has to be said that when we're invested in our health financially, there is incentive to get the most out of it. 

Oftentimes with spiritual readings, especially when divination is involved, a lot can get lost in those moments. Writing through it allows one very important difference: the ability to go back and reflect over it as it was happening. This is much different than writing about the an event after the fact, because writing it as it's happening has the power to pull you back into that truth since it's been recorded photographically.


As a writer and a journal keeper of over twenty years, I can say with 100% certainty that the gift of being able to read over my past dreams, spiritual readings, and emotional and mental reflections has been the most vital part of my healing journey. It's also a fact that our memory is being impaired because of our reliance on media, social media, and technology. Information is moving so fast now it can feel impossible to actually preserve it, which is exactly what sets this process apart. 

Whichever interactive process you choose will have a different flow and aim for specific results. If you want to really get in and clear your space in every way, check out Wind-Water Cleansing. If you're struggling with illness or physical discomfort, check out Chakras & Body Interactive. For questions and insights into your love life and intimacy patterns, try Love Paths. If you're not sure what you're looking for, or you want to get more in touch with yourself internally and spiritually, Regenerative Journal can help give you a rounded understanding of many facets of your life, and start you on a journal journey that you can continue to use on your own. 

I require at least one hour a week from you, and you will receive one to two hours a week from me in return. I will also naturally have your concerns and answers to prompts ruminating in my mind through contemplation and meditation. The max per week currently is two hours. Packages (Spiritual Services Rates) are based on one to two hours a week for one to four months. Phone or video calls are additional and only necessary if you request them. 

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