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Regenerative Journal Interactive

This Interactive experience involves a Google doc to help you get in touch with your everyday thoughts and feelings. Questions, meditations, guided imagery, dream interpretation, divination, alignment with the cycles of time, and major tarot and oracle readings every five to seven days are incorporated.


Regenerative Journal is basically a combination of all of the spiritual services that I offer in one place. Journaling is about the freedom to write whatever is on your mind or whatever you're feeling. There's no rhyme or reason to this kind of free-writing, it's meant to merely be outputs from your conscious and subconscious mind, therefore this process is highly organic and is meant to go with the flow. 

Part of my life purpose is writing about the cycles of time and human development, so I will first look at your astrology birth chart and age to bring you in sync with your personal 4-year and 1-year themes, as well as align you with the cycles of the seasons, the zodiac, the moon, and if you're a woman, the menstrual cycle. Then each week we will look at your recorded dreams, your thoughts and feelings, and the provided divination readings. We can evaluate relationships, jobs, goals, health, and whatever else comes up. 

After a week or two, I'll be able to locate patterns, topics, and themes that are reoccurring so that I can objectively share them with you. We will then focus on guided imagery, mindfulness, and meditation to dig deeper. From here we can keep going, branch into another interactive service, or finish up with a divination reading with guidance for the coming months, or even years, of your life. 

Creative expression in the form of poetry, storytelling, lyrics, drawings, painting, music, etc. are all welcome. Artistic play can be incorporated if it is central in your life. The key concept to Regenerative Journal is getting whatever is going on inside of you, out of you, so that like the cycles of time––you can release, let go, and be born anew. Aligning with nature will help bring insight and perspective into what needs to transpire in your life, so that you can create space for what your higher self wants to be doing. I look forward to helping you discover exactly what that is. 

*See The Interactive Process​ page for more information about how it works. 

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