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Myth Alchemy Gift Books

Myth Alchemy is an extraordinary experience for anyone looking for a unique gift idea for a loved one, or for storytelling therapy for themselves. Using symbolism, metaphor, and any fictional genre (or combination) of your choosing, I will write a story with either your loved one or yourself as the protagonist. This experience can range anywhere from lighthearted and fun––to deeply and spiritually transformative.


These short stories are written about people and their likes, passions, and dreams. Give the gift of story for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, anniversaries, weddings, baby showers, get well(s), thank you(s), or just to say I love you. Any genre or combination of genres can be applied:




Science Fiction

Old World








​If you have a grandparent who wishes to revisit a time in their past, we can write a story that will take them back. If your child longs to live in a world with fairies or superheroes, we can write a story that brings this magic into their everyday lives. Perhaps you want to rekindle a relationship you have with your lover or spouse. We can write the two of you in an Old World, futuristic, galactic, or mythical tale in which you rediscover each other once again. Fans of conspiracy can be thrown into a mystery, or Stephen King lovers can experience horror through a scary or hilarious story as a gift for Halloween.


Anything you can think of can become a unique treasure for a friend or family member! Gather up as much information about the person that you can, then send me a message to get started. I look forward to helping bring joy into your loved one's lives! 

Click here for Myth Alchemy For Healing. 

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