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Myth Alchemy For Healing

Myth Alchemy is an extraordinary experience for anyone looking for a unique gift idea for a loved one, or for storytelling therapy for themselves. Using symbolism, metaphor, and any fictional genre (or combination) of your choosing, I will write a story with either your loved one or yourself as the protagonist. This experience can range anywhere from lighthearted and fun––to deeply and spiritually transformative.


Myth Alchemy For Healing is a mythological process in which a symbolic story is written about your current situation in order to gain clarity. This service uses the metaphors and analogies of your life to bring healing. Seeing the self through an objective, creative lens can function as a mirror and invoke confidence and self-love. Myth Alchemy provides a unique gateway to healing through imagination and the art of storytelling.  


If a relationship has recently ended, we can write a myth that will help you see above the emotions you may be experiencing. If you are enduring chronic pain or physical illness, we can spiritually examine those sensations through metaphorical imagery. If you are searching for existential truth or merely want to see yourself from outside of yourself, we can take the story in the direction of cathartic transcendence, or as an exploration of inner feelings and thoughts in order to find clarity. 


Myth and metaphor are the language of the subconscious. Because of this, the symbols used in each healing story serve as immediate reminders of the profound steps you've taken to evolve into a healthy, whole human being. Reading and re-reading these stories will function as healing tools far into the future.

We live in a world that no longer relies on the power of myth, a travesty according to profound figures such as Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and Rollo May. These individuals believed that things like anxiety and depression were a result of this loss, and that in order to access unity within the collective consciousness, a return to the power of myth would be necessary. 


The ancients relied on storytelling in order to harness a deeper understanding of existence. These stories inspired and brought clarity. This is because individuals were able to see themselves through archetypal perspective. Just as dreams provide insight and introspection, myths awaken the unconscious to who and what we truly are as spiritual beings living a human existence.

The length of a story typically runs around 5-30 pages, but it can be as long or as short as you like. 

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"Myths are first and foremost psychic phenomena

that reveal the nature of the soul."

—Carl Jung

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