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Freelance Rates


Between .25 and .50 a word. Cost depends on research, re-writes, and content (either provided or needed). It also depends on what type of writing style you prefer (for example, elevated language, metaphor, visceral, descriptive, and poetic or lyrical styles would be higher than expository, objective, or journalistic writing). 


Proofreading starts at .02 a word, depending on if it needs more editing or not. A work is meant to have been content edited before proofread, thus the proofreader's job is to catch pre-published errors only. 


Editing (grammar, punctuation, and formatting with feedback) starts at .08 a word. Rate depends on how consistent errors are throughout. 


Content editing is usually a mixture of editing, some ghostwriting, feedback, flow, organization, and comprehension; it starts at .15 a word. 


Consultations: $175 an hour. 

Creativity Guidance: $175 an hour

Writing Assistant: $175 an hour or .20 a word. The content provided is meant to be changed by the client to fit their writing style. This process is about getting ideas down on the page, then reworking them later. 

Myth Alchemy

Cost depends on use. 

Gift Books: .25 to .50 a word. (See Ghostwriting rates.)

Personalized Stories: .25 to .50 a word (See Ghostwriting rates.). Plus cost of Spiritual Services

Memoir Metamorphosis

.25 to .50 a word (See Ghostwriting rates). Plus cost of Spiritual Services

Sliding Scale

I started out writing full books and articles at .02 to .05 a word. I have also worked with client's in poverty who were struggling or suffering with an illness. I understand that life can be very difficult financially, so if I have extra time, I am happy to look at discounted rates for those who can't afford my services. I will be especially empathetic for those seeking spiritual guidance. I am also open to payment plans that work for you. 

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