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Freelance Services

I've been ghostwriting for eight years. During that time I have written over forty books and thousands of articles, blogs, meditations, sleep stories, guided imageries, poems, academic papers, introductions to translated works, and more. I like to align as closely as possible with my client's vision so that I can essentially channel their voice in order to be the best "ghost" I can.

Piles of Books

I have helped dozens of clients develop outlines, table of contents, chapter content, flow, and inspiring ideas for their books and projects. I can determine from any rough draft or presented ideas what needs to be flushed and what needs fleshed out. I know how to ask the right questions in order to get to the heart of your true vision, discover your target audience, and help fine-tune what you'd like the project to do for your future, whether professionally or personally. I thrive in the idea phase of any project, as I possess a natural inclination to extract unique themes due to a powerful instinct for all things symbolic, metaphorical, and meaningful.

Light Bulb Poster

Memoir Metamorphosis takes memoir writing to the next level. Using elements of Myth Alchemy and storytelling therapy, together we create the themes and undertones of your life's most transformative story. If you're open to it, we can also use spiritual techniques such as divination, astrology, guided imagery, dream interpretation, and much more to assist in the telling of the memories (memoirs) that altered your life in profound and irrevocable ways. I also encourage whatever creative additions you'd like to include such as poems, lyrics, artwork, recorded dreams, or a magical realism component. The key is to write your memoir in a way that not only transforms your readers, but also brings metamorphosis through the cocoon of past pain or traumas––and into the enchanting catharsis and healing of the self-empowered butterfly.  


I've been editing for eight years. During that time I have edited at least fifty books and thousands of articles, poems, blogs, websites, meditations, and more. I am extremely thorough, and I can lend a hand with not just grammar or punctuation, but also content, organization, flow, character and story development, and formatting.

Laptop Work

Myth Alchemy is an extraordinary experience for anyone looking for a unique gift idea for a loved one, or for storytelling therapy for themselves. Using symbolism, metaphor, and any fictional genre (or combination) of your choosing, I will write a story with either your loved one or yourself as the protagonist. This experience can range anywhere from lighthearted and fun––to deeply and spiritually transformative.

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