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I have helped dozens of clients develop outlines, table of contents, chapter content, flow, and inspiring ideas for their books and projects. I can determine from any rough draft or presented ideas what needs to be flushed and what needs fleshed out. I know how to ask the right questions in order to get to the heart of your true vision, discover your target audience, and help fine-tune what you'd like the project to do for your future, whether professionally or personally. I thrive in the idea phase of any project, as I possess a natural inclination to extract unique themes due to a powerful instinct for all things symbolic, metaphorical, and meaningful.

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Along with consultation, I am also available as a Writing Assistant and Creativity Guide.


As a Writing Assistant, I can help gather content through research, assist in content flow, write a basic first or second draft, and relieve you of writing by taking on the bulk when you are too busy, feeling overwhelmed, or uninspired. This is similar to ghostwriting, but it is a much more collaborative effort. In essence, it's co-authoring without including my name on the front of the book. I just ask to be mentioned in the acknowledgements as a Writing Assistant. 

As a Creativity Guide, I can help with brainstorming through guided conversation, interviewing, questionnaires, walking you through a meditation or guided imagery, or using wellness or spiritual techniques to tap into your creative well. From there I can assist creatively with deepening ideas and concepts, story development, and a book outline which encapsulates what has been discovered in your creative well. 

Additionally, I am available to help those pursuing a profession as a Life Coach or the psychoeducational path. I have helped many clients create curriculum for online or in-person courses, as well as develop unique terminology that reflects the teacher or healer's most authentic truth. The more original a coach or healer is in their program's language, phraseology, and transformative techniques––the more it will be remembered. This is essential for unforgettable and striking self-branding in order to rise above the general collective in an exploding market. 

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