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Chakras & Body Interactive

This Interactive experience involves a Google doc to help you get in touch with your body and heal illness or injury by working with the chakras. Questions, meditations, guided imagery, dream interpretation, metaphysical healing education and symbolism, and the use of divination are included.


The chakras are a Hindu concept, and in Sanskrit the term means "wheel." There was originally believed to be seven main chakras in the body, all of which line the spine. They spin like wheels and funnel energy in and out of the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Also referred to as the "spiritual organs" of the body, each corresponds to physiological parts of the material body. 

I incorporate eight chakras by including the thymus chakra (the higher heart), which has only been really acknowledged in the past twenty years or so. The chakras are aligned with the colors of the rainbow and the frequency of each. Moving upward from the base of the spine they are as follows: 


  • The root chakra is red and is connected to the feet, legs, trunk, colon, digestive system, bones, and teeth.

  • The sacral chakra is orange and is connected to the genitals, sexuality, reproduction, and hormones.

  • The solar plexus chakra is yellow and is connected to the stomach, liver, kidneys, adrenals, and pancreas.

  • The heart chakra is green and is connected to the hands, arms, heart, cardiovascular system, and lungs.

  • The thymus chakra is light blue and is connected to the immune and endocrine systems.

  • The throat chakra is navy blue and is connected to the neck, throat, esophagus, mouth, nose, and ears.

  • The third eye chakra is violet and is connected to the eyes and brain (prefrontal lobe and limbic system, specifically the pineal gland). 

  • Finally, the crown chakra is pink and/or white and is connected to the nervous system and the brain (limbic system and subconscious).   

This interactive process looks at your ailment or injury through the lens of metaphysical causes, as well as their association to the chakras. In discovering the underlying mental, emotional, or spiritual issue––you'll be able to accelerate healing and learn to become your own healer. Getting to the source of a physical problem through guided imagery, journaling, dream interpretation, reflection, and divination is a powerful process. What you'll discover is that going into the pain––actually lessens it. 

The chakras are also viewed as lotuses, and like the blossoming of a flower––the more you go into the pain––the more you open up and share your beauty with the world. I've been studying the metaphysical causes of illness for over twenty years through the works of Louise L. Hay, Lise Bourbeau, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and of course, the chakras, yoga, and Hinduism. 

What is most fascinating about understanding the metaphysical causes of illness or injury, is that they correspond to dream interpretations and symbolism as well. Everything in life has meaning and can be viewed symbolically, especially when it comes to your physical body. The most therapeutic part of this journey is discovering that the source of the problem originated from either the mental, emotional, or spiritual body (or all three). 


There's nothing to fear, because I will be your guide throughout, and I guarantee that the pain your undergoing will be transformed into clarity and healing within a few weeks. It just takes a willingness to go into the pain––just a little bit at a time. 

*See The Interactive Process​ page for more information about how it works. 

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