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About Me

Whether you are looking for a ghostwriter, editor, consultant, or spiritual guide-- I have a unique background full of rich experiences from living an unusual, yet intriguing and magical life.


I was raised in a cult from birth until I was eighteen years old. Nearly everyone in my town was affiliated with this cult. I was very sheltered from the outside world, and it wasn't until I was finally allowed to leave (at eighteen) that I discovered just how sexist and abusive this particular religion really was. 

I was naturally rebellious throughout my teens and made hardcore strides to defy the authoritarian caretakers, teachers, church leaders, and even peers-- every chance I got. As a child I was singing before I could speak full sentences, writing stories by the time I was five, became a dedicated poet by the age of twelve, and a full-throttle journal  keeper by fifteen. I was also a classically trained intermediate guitarist, advanced pianist, and public vocalist. Music and writing were my life and my saving graces in a rigid, prejudice world. 

By eighteen I wasn't just walking out of my parent's door, I was sprinting at full speed away from that tiny speck on the planet filled with corruption, towards anything and anywhere that was secular and more scientific. By chance I'd taken a Sociology course my junior year in high school from a teacher who was an "outsider." It opened my mind and heart to studying psychology and philosophy in ways I'd never known before. 

From there I moved away and began a new life while attending university. I wanted to take EVERYTHING! All of the classes sounded fascinating. So over the next eight years, I covered as many subjects as possible, which is why I ended up with a bachelor's degree in General Studies. I loved Philosophy more than anything else, and I took all of the Creative Writing classes. I learned volumes about life during my 20s, not just from school, but from immersion into the electronic dance music scene (raves/Burning Man), the artistic culture of a new city, and friendships with artists, musicians, and healers. I also worked in many fine dining and exotic restaurants as a server during these years, learning about all of the culinary delights in the world. 

I began pursuing a master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in my 30s and switched from the restaurant industry to working as a freelance writer and editor. It took a very long time to build my profile and get the hang of a sedentary lifestyle after such an active one. During this decade of my life, I came upon deep struggles that challenged every facet of my being due to family involvement and reconnecting with toxic channels. It has only been in the last few years that I have found my way back out again, now living fully in the moment, working on my traumas with professionals, and building successful endeavors every minute of every day to bring fruitful rewards in the future. 

On the spiritual side of things, I've journeyed deeply with sacred medicine, meditation, lucid dreaming, and into a very clear and constantly inspiring relationship with the divine. I have seen miracles, and I have witnessed evil. I can clairsentiently and empathically sense the true energy of others. I have used divination every day for twenty years, and I am on my way to being an advanced astrologer. There is no doubt in my mind, my spirit, my instincts, or my body that there is more to existence than this life, so much more. 


I've struggled with PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse. I'm no stranger to the dark side of life, and at the same time, I can't help but live in the light. I am drawn to truth, justice, beauty, love, joy, comedy, animals, art, music, and enlightenment. This will never change. I was born in a dark place, and because of that, I can see the light side of things quite clearly.  

 If you have experienced difficult things in your life, I can 100% empathize with you. I have read that people raised in challenging situations actually develop a heightened sixth sense as a result. I do not regret where I come from or what I survived, because it has made me strong and intuitive. I know it's cliche, but I definitely do subscribe to the notion that, "Everything happens for a reason." That, to me, is what makes life so interesting and breathtakingly beautiful. 

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